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Being a top label manufacturer, we think you ought to have easy access to all the information you require. Working with us gives you access to a wide range of specialist product solutions.

Print O Thread Labels takes great pride in differentiating itself from competitors by offering an extensive range of product label printing services across Canada and us.

Throughout the whole manufacturing cycle, genuine alignment and efficiency are made possible by our collaborative approach. Cross-functional groups like Technical Field Support and Research & Development are dedicated to creating the best labels possible to meet your packaging and product objectives.


Additional Turnaround Time

+1 day

Bag Size

The standard bag size is roughly 10 wide x 12 tall, 1 mil. Hoodie bags are slightly larger, generally 10 wide x 15 tall.

Bag Color Choices

Clear is the only option.

Size Stickers

Size stickers on the exterior of the bag is included, but can optional be left off if desired.

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