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Print O Thread


Printed locally, worn globally.

Print O Thread is a leading fashion retailer offering personalize clothing, and accessories for men, women and kids. Since 2017, we ve been committed to providing our customers high quality, unique and custom Printing, sublimation, embroidery and digital Printing facility to all over the world.

Shirts are what we make. People are our passion.

Our Purpose

Print O Thread Exists to Elevate the Everyday

We believe that everyone deserves high-quality custom garments and personalized merchandise right when they need them. So, we re proud to offer our advanced printing services and lightning-fast turnaround times to customers. We are capturing our customers hearts by delivering excellence and creativity in customized apparel. You can design your own t-shirts and hoodies, select your t-shirt style, and place an order for it to be printed and delivered to you. Thats as easy as customized merchandise printing gets!

Create Wow!

Our Values


6-star experience.

People are at the heart of what we do. They re how we dot it, and how we do it for. We re fueled by the belief that every moment, every interaction,and every person matters--everyday. We believe that the true joys of life are found not in the tuxedo days, but in the t-shirt days--which is why we seek to elevate the everyday through superior products & processes.


Love your neighbor.

We Know that our employees are our most important asset and we aim to create a work-life experience unlike any other. We care supports, cheerleaders, and helpers to one another. We seek to connect on a human-to-human level--not just as worker, but as friends.


Press onward

We know that hard times will come--and when they do, we band together to push through them, confident that this too will pass.


Team Together.

We put team over self because we know that greatness is a collective effort.


Profit as oxygen.

We do not exist for profit alone, but we do know that it is necessary for the company to continue to exist and serve people in the way that we do. As such, we are committed to begin an efficient, productive, and profitable business.


Do good.

We believe every day is a God-given gift--and we seek to use our time, talents,and resources to have a positive impact on our industry, society, and the planet.


Enjoy the journey.

We believe that the real fun is in the getting there. Although we have goals we re trying to accomplish, we seek to enjoy the journey to our destination--and all of the laughs,surprises, and lessons along the way--as much as the destination itself.

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